>TUESDAY TUNES – "Save it for a Rainy Day"

>My parents have been fans of The Jayhawks for a few years now, and I know for a fact that I’ve heard their music time and time again through my folks. I also know that they play The Jayhawks on my favorite radio station, WTTS. For some reason though, I have never really caught on to this band…until tonight.

Mom and Dad were playing The Jayhawks’ album Rainy Day Music while we were over for dinner tonight, and I was struck by their music. The songs are just so pleasing and soothing, and GAH with the harmony! The songs that I heard seemed to just flow…does that make sense? Like there wasn’t a whole lot of effort or hooplah behind them. It was just music…and it was good.

Tell me: do any of you know/love The Jayhawks too? Have I been living under a rock or something, or is this band new to you too?

I think I’m going to download some more stuff by The Jayhawks when we get home tomorrow. Until then, I’ll have to enjoy them on YouTube! Hope you enjoy it too…

Pretty little hairdo don’t do what it used to
Can’t disguise the living
All the miles that you’ve been through

Looking like a train wreck
Wearing too much makeup
The burden that you carry
Is more than one soul could ever bear

Don’t look so sad, Marina
There’s another part to play
Don’t look so sad, Marina
Save it for a rainy day
Save it for a rainy day
Save it for a rainy day

You neve make your mind up
Like driving with your eyes shut
Rough around the edges
Won’t someone come and take you home

Waiting for a breakthrough
What will you set your mind to?
We stood outside the Chinese restaurant
in the rain

Don’t look so sad, Marina
There’s another part to play
Don’t look so sad, Marina
Save it for a rainy day
Save it for a rainy day
Save it for a rainy day

>TUESDAY TUNES – "Godspeed"

>It’s Tuesday, so that means it’s time for another Tuesday Tune! Is anyone out there enjoying these weekly posts besides me? Growing up in the family I did tricked me into thinking people cared a lot more about music than most people do. If you get bored with these Tuesday Tunes, I apologize. I probably won’t stop them anytime soon though – no matter how you feel about it. I’m enjoying sharing music with you!

This week’s Tune comes to us from the Dixie Chicks album “Home.” My in-laws bought me this for my birthday in 2002, and I loved the whole album from first listen. I love the Dixie Chicks. What a perfect combination of country, bluegrass, rock and roll and sassy ladies! I feel like these Chicks bridge the gaps between generations and genres, and I appreciate that about them.

This week’s Tune, “Godspeed,” always makes me feel a little weepy. I remember hearing it for the first time, and thinking, “I’m going to sing this to my son someday. What a perfect lullaby!” As the years of trying to have a baby have come and gone with no child to show for them, this song has become a little sour to me. Instead of dreaming of singing this to my child someday, I instead started wondering if that child would ever come.

Infertility is often a hopeless journey. You want so desperately to bring life to the world, and often you feel like you’re dead inside. I have had quite the roller coaster ride through all of this. Some days I feel so full of hope, I’m sure I’ll be pregnant just by wishing it. Other days I feel like all the hope has been washed away, and I will be left a barren, childless woman all the days of my life. It’s interesting to me that everyone else’s reproductive lives just keep going on as normal. Shouldn’t all my friends and family members be experiencing this as well? To see everyone else having babies the way we were built to can be really discouraging.

Last summer a series of events occurred that birthed new hope into my infertility journey. I won’t go on and on about them here. Go back in the archives, and you’ll see them documented there. Needless to say, God has worked wonderful miracles in my hope life these past few months, and I am now dreaming of holding my children someday.

For your tuning pleasure, here is “Godspeed” by the Dixie Chicks…

>Tuesday Tunes – Home

Laissez Les Bons Temps Roulez!

As you’re reading this, I am currently in New Orleans with my mom and sister, hopefully having a great time. Since I’m writing this about a week ahead of time, I can’t say for sure. I am sure that I’m missing my hubby and my cats and my own bed though!

For today’s edition of Tuesday Tunes, I’m going to introduce you to one of my absolute favorite musicians right now. His name is Marc Broussard, and since he is from Louisiana, I thought it was only too appropriate to bring him to you now.

He’s got a killer blues voice, beats that will command uncontrollable car dancing, and a stage presence that had me in a trance. Seriously folks – his live show is one of the best I have EVER SEEN! He’s great…and I hope you enjoy him too.

I couldn’t embed this video, so please click this link to go to You Tube and watch it yourself. You won’t be sorry! This is probably his biggest hit, “Home.” If you’re not at least tapping your feet by the middle of the song, you should probably check for a pulse.

CLICK ME! You won’t be sorry…

HOME – Marc Broussard

Rolling down the road
Going no where
Guitar packed in the trunk
Somewhere round mile marker 112
Papa started hummin the funk
I gotta jones in my bones before we know
We were singing this melody
Stop the car pulled out the guitar
Halfway to New Orleans

Said take me home
Take me home

Could feel the sun about to rise
When I realized we ad nothing to fear
It’s just me and my daddy and a kid named Cope
Making music that nobody would hear
And then the sun let up and it split the night

Said take me home
Take me home
Said take me home
Said take me home

This greyhound is delta bound mama
Baby boy done finally found
Said this greyhound is delta bound mama
Said take me home

Hot damn you should have felt the groove
Like I was swimming in a sea of soul
The sun was rising and the day was hot
And we was all about to lose control
My daddy turned his face up towards the sky
And I knew that there was nothing to lose
I felt the crow breathe in and I closed my eyes
And we disappeared into the groove

Said take me home
Said take me home
Take me home
Said take me home

Straight from the water
Straight from the water children
You don’t know nothing about this

Take me home
Said take me home