>So, I was on Marc Broussard’s website today to see if he was going to be playing anywhere near Lexington, and I saw he was playing a show in Nashville. I clicked on the link for more info, and guess who is the headliner? BONNIE RAITT! AND…the show is at the legendary Ryman Auditorium! HOW AWESOME IS THAT????? I immediately called my mother (who is so totally cool) and said, “Mama, pack yo’ bags. We’re headed for Nashville!” And of course she was like, “Bonnie Raitt? At the Ryman? I’M THERE!” So that’s that. We’re going. It’s going to be a Buh-last. I’m sure the hubbies (A.K.A. “Dad” and “Matt”) will come with, and we’re all going to stay in a hotel and spend the weekend piddling around Nashville. SO FUN! The concert is on December 8th, so hopefully there will be beau-tee-full Christmas stuff everywhere. Now I just have to find out where I’m going to get the money…hmmm…if you are interested in donating, send cash or a check made out to moi to The Katie Swisher Totally Fun Weekend Fund, Wilmore, KY, 40390.

Seriously, if you haven’t heard Marc Broussard, do it now! http://www.islandrecords.com/marcbroussard/site/home.las

This weekend Matt and I booked our hotel rooms for a weekend trip to Indianapolis. We’re bringing some good friends of ours with us to see the Circle City. They’re from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and this is their last year here at Asbury, so we thought we’d show them our old stompin’ grounds. If you have any great ideas for things to do when we’re there, let me know!
Anyway lovies, I should get back to work. Peace!


3 thoughts on “>I’M SO TOTALLY PSYCHED!!!

  1. >Ok so you have to give me something to read…you have been TOTALLY PSYCHED for a few days now…and I know you got something new to say…so post it!!! haha

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