Hanover Chase

My brother has been playing in the Indianapolis area lately as part of the acoustic duo called Hanover Chase.  He and his friend Jason are quite a pair, and they make beautiful music!  I know that they are playing every Thursday night at Michael’s SouthShore Restaurant out on Oaklandon.  This place has great food and a great atmosphere – come out and see them sometime!

Matt and I went last week to hear Robert and Jason play.  It was such a nice evening!  Never mind the beautiful weather and yummy food, these two did an amazing job.  I don’t say this enough, but I’m so proud of my baby brother and the art he creates with his music.

Here are a few pics from our time with them last Thursday:

You can view the entire set of photos at my Flickr account by clicking this link.


>Runnin’ Down a Dream

>If you remember this post, you’ll remember that I LOVE Tom Petty. Well, my man and his Heartbreakers are in town tonight for a sold out show, and I’m not going. Yeah, I know. We waited a little too long to get our tickets, and they were sold out before I could get them. We’re going to see them in St. Louis in a few weeks though, so I won’t miss him entirely. I’m just missing him tonight.

Did I mention that I live 3 miles down the street from Deer Creek – the ampitheater where they will be playing – ? Oh, well I do. That means that I not only will be missing the show tonight, but Tom will be 3 MILES AWAY! So close, yet so far.

As I pulled out of my driveway to come to work this morning, a tour bus drove by the house on the way to Deer Creek. It didn’t hit me for a few seconds, but once it did I thought of turning the other way and chasing them down the street. That could have been Tom! (Yes, I also know it could have been Steve Winwood – the opener – but this is my fantasy…don’t ruin it!) Tom Petty might have driven right past my house this morning. *sigh*

It’s raining today – outside and in my heart just a little. “Baby don’t it feel like heaven right now?” No. No Tom – it doesn’t. I’ll keep waiting though…it is the hardest part after all, right?

Here’s a little treat for you – a snippet from Tom’s DVD “Runnin’ Down a Dream” where he talks about the first song I remember calling “favorite” in my life. “The Waiting”

>The eternal band geek

>I’m such a band geek.

I played flute in school, and I LIVED. FOR. BAND. Seriously. Marching band, jazz band, symphonic band, orchestra, pep band, etc. I did it all, and I loved it. For a long time I actually planned on making music my career. In college I played with the Indianapolis Symphonic Band, but once I got engaged to Matt, my music interested waned. Now my flute sits in the closet in my craft room, and only gets played once or twice a year. I’m saddened when I think about all those years I spent practicing, learning, playing…only to have my talent put on a shelf now. I still get out my flute and play now and again, and I always promise that I’m going to pick it up again. Play at church. Join a community band. I have yet to do any of this though…Right now my band days are buried deep in my past.

Although I no longer play, my band geek-dom can’t help but rear its pimply head from time to time! Now and again I jump into stories that begin, “This one time at band camp…”, and I still enjoy and appreciate great music. Yesterday, I was reminded again of my geeky past when I couldn’t resist these at my local Staples store:

I apologize for the blurry picture, but I think you can still make out what the picture is of…

That’s right folks – I bought treble clef paper clips! I love them, and I don’t care what you think. These little babies make my band geek/office supply-loving heart go pitter-pat. 🙂

Geeky as I may be, I still do love music, and I will ALWAYS. BE. A. BAND. GEEK.