>100 Things – In the beginning

>Since I’m starting to get a little more serious about my blogging, I thought I’d would go ahead and do a little “100 Things” post. I know, every blogger in the universe has done one of these, and they’re like, SO five minutes ago – but give me a break. It’s been kinda fun to put this together, and it really makes me see how uninteresting I am.

In an effort to not bore you to tears all at once, I am breaking this list up into 10 installments. Hubs suggested I might make the last one my “Top Ten” list or something. I immediately scoffed at the idea, but now I think it’s not so bad. (Thanks for the tip babe!)

I know you’re excited about getting started, so without further ado…

100 Things About Katie

1. I have 5 beauty marks on my left ankle that form the shape of a cross.

2. I have two tattoos, and am thinking of getting another when I turn 30.

3. I hate talking on the telephone. I would much rather e-mail.

4. My all-time, Top 5 favorite movies are: West Side Story, Dirty Dancing, High Fidelity, Beauty and the Beast and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

5. I am the wife of a United Methodist pastor. This fact surprises no one more than it surprises me.

6. I love to cook, sing, craft, write, design, etc., but am not outstanding in any of these areas. I am a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

7. I know each of my 258 Facebook friends in real life, but I still often feel very, VERY lonely.

8. I have known my husband, Matt, since I was 7 years old.

9. We dated twice in high school, and I broke up with him both times. (I think I’ve made it up to him by now though…)

10. I have a half-sister who is ten years older than me. I didn’t meet her until I was almost 16. We keep in touch, but are merely casual friends at this point.


2 thoughts on “>100 Things – In the beginning

  1. >I was totally going to do one of these soon! I’m working on the list at the moment…so if you see one on my blog soon, I totally didn’t steal it from you 🙂 Also, your #1 is SO cool…

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