>100 Things – Part Deux

>The best place to start this list is at the beginning

Onward to part two!

11. Twins run in my family, but I am having trouble conceiving.

For almost 15 years, my toenails have not been naked for more than 10 minutes or so between color changes. I only just recently wore them naked for almost an entire day, and felt like I was walking around with no shirt on.

I rarely make my bed.

I have two cats named after characters on Arrested DevelopmentBuster and Lucille.

Because of the gracious nature of my husband, I rarely have to clean the litter box.

I also rarely have to take out the trash.

Or do dishes.

And he kills bugs without complaining.

Also – he cleans up the mess when the kitties hack up hairballs.

I have an awesome husband!

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