>100 Random Things…

>A lot of people on Facebook are posting the “25 Random Things” note. I hate to disappoint my friends and not jump in when they’ve tagged me in their notes, but I’ve already done a list of 100 Random Things! I originally posted this list of 100 things in ten separate blog posts, so I have compiled the list here in one post to make it easier for any friends who might want to come over and read it. Here we go…

1. I have 5 beauty marks on my left ankle that form the shape of a cross.

2. I have two tattoos, and am thinking of getting another when I turn 30.

3. I hate talking on the telephone. I would much rather e-mail.

4. My all-time, Top 5 favorite movies are: West Side Story, Dirty Dancing, High Fidelity, Beauty and the Beast and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

5. I am the wife of a United Methodist pastor. This fact surprises no one more than it surprises me.

6. I love to cook, sing, craft, write, design, etc., but am not outstanding in any of these areas. I am a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

7. I know each of my 258 Facebook friends in real life, but I still often feel very, VERY lonely.

8. I have known my husband, Matt, since I was 7 years old.

9. We dated twice in high school, and I broke up with him both times. (I think I’ve made it up to him by now though…)

10. I have a half-sister who is ten years older than me. I didn’t meet her until I was almost 16. We keep in touch, but are merely casual friends at this point.

11. Twins run in my family, but I am having trouble conceiving.

12. For almost 15 years, my toenails have not been naked for more than 10 minutes or so between color changes. I only just recently wore them naked for almost an entire day, and felt like I was walking around with no shirt on.

13. I rarely make my bed.

14. I have two cats named after characters on Arrested DevelopmentBuster and Lucille.

15. Because of the gracious nature of my husband, I rarely have to clean the litter box.

16. I also rarely have to take out the trash.

17. Or do dishes.

18. And he kills bugs without complaining.

19. Also – he cleans up the mess when the kitties hack up hairballs.

20. I have an awesome husband!

21. I cuss like a sailor sometimes…but I’m trying to get better!

22. I love to get the mail. I live for days when I receive things that aren’t bills or junk!

23. I have a serious crush on Jim Halpert from The Office.

24. I wear a size 12 shoe. I love shoe shopping, but rarely am able to find shoes in my size.

25. I have only seriously dated three guys in my life, and that’s two too many!

26. I drive 18 miles to get to my office, and hate every mile of it. I wish I could work from home!

27. I used to think I was a really interesting person, but as I age I meet lots of people who make me feel otherwise.

28. I have lived in three states: Indiana, Alabama and Kentucky. I feel most at home in Indiana, but sometimes wish for the other two as well.

29. I think I was a southerner in my former life. I love to drink sweet tea and eat fried pickles, collard greens and cornbread.

30. I love to read, but sometimes go through phases where I don’t read at all. At any given time, I could have up to three books on my nightstand that I am trying to get through. Right now I’m reading Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell and Bright Lights, Big Ass: A Self-Indulgent Surly, Ex-Sorority Girl’s Guide to Why if Often Sucks in the City, or Who are These Idiots and Who Do They All Live Next Door to Me? by Jen Lancaster. I have an eclectic taste, no?

31. I don’t really eat ice cream a lot, but you can always find at least two different flavors of ice cream in my freezer. In Kentucky our friend MK would sometimes come over and head straight to the freezer, so I think I keep it stocked just in case she pops by (you know…all the way from Texas).

32. I love to do my hair and makeup, but rarely feel like doing it in the morning before work.

33. If you say something that could in any way be construed as dirty, I laugh like a teenager in my head.

34. I don’t floss as much as I should, even though I know and realize the benefits of doing so.

35. I sometimes miss my maiden name: Kermeen

36. I have been using Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers since I was a kid, and I still love it to this day! My favorite flavors, peppermint and apple, have disappeared, but I still love strawberry, tropical punch, kiwi, pink lemonade and (most of all) Dr. Pepper. Starfruit and orange pop are great too, but hard to find.

37. That being said, I DO NOT use any of the sparkly Lip Smackers.

38. And I do use other lip items – I have more lip gloss, lip stick, lip spackle than anyone else I know.

39. My bedroom is a mess! I have stuff all over my dresser, books and magazines on the floor, cat fur everywhere, etc. Don’t even get me started on my piles of clothes and shoes…

40. Speaking of shoes, there are always at least three pairs of shoes kicked off under the coffee table in our living room. They’re usually mine, but Matt often has a pair or two there as well.

41. I am quickly falling in love with The Container Store

42. I count things in fives. If I tap one finger, I have to tap it five times. Then (in an effort to not leave anyone out) I tap the remaining four fingers five times. If I accidentally tap one six times instead of five, I go ahead and tap four more times to bring it to ten, then tap the other fingers enough times to bring them to ten as well. I used to count my steps in groups of five when I was younger, but then marching band happened, and threw me off my game.

43. I’m not as neurotic as #42 makes me seem.

44. I played flute through middle and high school, and even played a little in college too. Marching band, symphonic band, jazz band, orchestra, musicals, pep band…you name it, I did it, and loved every minute of it.

45. I have hardly touched my flute since Matt and I got engaged. I don’t know why, but I lost the desire for some reason. Maybe I’ll pick it back up someday, but I think I’m okay if I don’t.

46. I love to sing, but I’m not that great at it. If I had my way, I would be the Christian version of Bonnie Raitt. Is anyone else out there in agreement that Christian music needs more blues?

47. I will eat anything once. (Just ask my friends from SIFAT. We experienced lots of weird food together – pork brains, gopher, rabbit, etc.)

48. I really hate the Times New Roman font…

49. I love shopping at Trader Joe’s. Not only do they have fun food to buy at great prices, I also feel about 25% cooler when I walk in the door. Don’t ask – I know it’s stupid.

50. I have had a hard time coming up with 50 things. I can’t imagine how long it will take me to finish this list!

51. I use two Q-Tips every day when I get out of the shower. I use one whole swab to clean each ear: one end for inside, and one end for outside.

52. I ONLY use Q-Tips…no other cotton swab will do.

53. I am a ranch dressing snob. I will only buy Hidden Valley…no other ranch will do.

54. I’m also picky about my Caesar dressings. My favorite is Cardini’s (but not the lite…that sucks).

55. I love talking about cooking and food. I really like bringing interesting food to gatherings where I know people will ask me what the dish is. Sometimes this blows up in my face though. (For the 50th time, it’s not rice Grandma…it’s COUSCOUS!)

56. As much as I love to cook, I really don’t do well with baking. I think it’s because I don’t really like to measure things…that’s baking suicide!

57. I spend a lot of time at work taking care of personal business.

58. I clench my teeth when I sleep…so much so that I have broken parts of teeth off in my sleep, and not even known it. I have to sleep with a sexy little Mouth Guard to keep me from breaking more.

59. I have a closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear.

60. I love to buy purses and shoes. It seems like no matter how much weight I gain or lose, purses and shoes always fit.

61. I have gobs of earrings, but usually only wear hoops.

62. I have a cross necklace my parents got me for my high school graduation that I still wear almost every day.

63. I love music! Everything from classic rock to eighties pop to classical to Christian…I even like a little country!

64. I have an almost uncanny knack for identifying thumb-suckers. There’s something about the way a person’s mouth is shaped that tells me if they sucked their thumb a lot as a child. Maybe it’s my superpower.

65. I’m pretty good at pop-culture trivia…especially music, TV and movies.

66. I’m jealous of all the gals who went to BlogHer, but feel like I would never be part of the “cool club” that is expected to show up!

67. I wish I could get a job daydreaming…I think I’d be really great at it.

68. I have been married for 6 years, and have had at least 6 different bedding ensembles. I’m currently shopping for another set…

69. Shows that I record on my DV-R: American Gladiators, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, House, Top Chef, Shear Genius, The Office, My Name is Earl, Pushing Daisies, Heroes, What Not to Wear, Good Eats, The Soup, House Hunters, My Boys and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

70. It drives me crazy when people say “supposobly.”

71. I wrote for my high school’s newspaper, and loved it.

72. I don’t really care too much about politics, and usually vote for the person who is cutest, has the best outfits, etc.

73. I love remembering great times gone by with friends and family.

74. I also love to look towards the future.

75. I have trouble living fully in the “now.”

76. I love cookbooks! I have gobs of them, but hardly cook from them.

77. I get most of my food ideas from food blogs (my favorite? Smitten Kitchen)

78. I’m trying really hard to not be one of those people who peaked in high school.

79. Magazines I subscribe to: Real Simple, Everyday Food, Entertainment Weekly

80. I hate folding laundry.

81. I always think that it would be really great to open a little café/restaurant. I would have a little bookstore area, plenty of comfy seating for people to read and eat and meet. I would even have cooking classes sometimes. I get so excited thinking about it, but then poop out from exhaustion just thinking about all the work I’d have to do.

82. I think I’d be a great graphic designer, but really don’t want to spend the time and money going to art school.

83. I wish I was in better shape, but have trouble motivating myself to work out and eat better.

84. I think I have issues with discipline.

85. My husband and I have the same wedding band. Mine is a man’s ring, but it looks just fine on my huge hands.

86. I don’t iron. If something is wrinkly, I just throw it in the dryer.

87. I chew gum like it’s my job.

88. I love to drink tea. Hot tea, iced tea, black tea, green tea – I love it all. My all time favorite tea is Bigelow’s Constant Comment. It always reminds me of my mother.

89. My favorite flower is the gerber daisy. I also love calla lilies, morning glories, tulips and irises.

90. I hoard pens. It’s shameful, really. I love them!

91. Since I was a child, I have wanted to be no less than fifty things when I grow up. Doctor, astronaut, teacher, musician, graphic designer, journalist…the list goes on and on. As I near that “grown up” stage, I realize that what I want to be most in my life are these three things: 1) A woman of faith, 2) A wife and 3) A mother.

92. My parents have been married for 34 years. Their marriage hasn’t always been great, but they love each other. I’m proud that they have stuck together through (most of) the hard times.

93. I am the oldest of three children. My sister, Kelly, is three years younger than me. My brother, Robert, is 6 years younger. We grew up fighting hard, playing harder and loving each other most of all. (I do have an older half-sister, but we haven’t known each other for very long.)

94. I have 2 nieces and 1 nephew (and 1 niece on the way). Tayla and Damon are the oldest, and belong to Matt’s sister. She is having another girl later this year, and we can’t wait to meet Clarissa! Kamryn is my sister’s daughter, and she brings more joy to my life than I ever expected her to. (My half-sister has twin girls that are so lovely and sweet. They don’t know that we’re related though. They’re pretty young, and explaining the whole situation would be rough.)

95. I have had trouble keeping in good touch with some of my best friends from my youth. These people were crucial to my life at one point, and I hate that we don’t see each other more. I think it’s my fault, and that makes me sad.

96. I have lots of great ideas, but have trouble seeing them all through. I know that at the end of my life, I will have lots of projects that I never finished.

97. My husband is my best friend, a great lover, a strong man, always patient with me, supportive, too smart for me, and super-handsome! He is opposite from me in so many ways, but perfect for me in every way. I love his gentle smile, and I love the way he looks at me. He makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world (and he might just be love-struck enough to actually think that I am!)

98. All of that being said, it took God smacking me on the side of the head with an epiphany to realize that I needed to marry that man. I was too caught up in myself to really see how much of a gift Matt was. I know – I’m a recovering idiot.

99. I have issues with fear. I fear death, even though I know where I’m going.

100. I believe that God is our creator, our father, our friend, our life. I believe He lives and works and breathes and speaks today – right now. If you don’t know Him, seek Him. He is pursuing us all, and longs to be in relationship with us. That is definitely the most important entry on this long, random list of mine.


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