>100 Things – Part Seven

>61. I have gobs of earrings, but usually only wear hoops.

62. I have a cross necklace my parents got me for my high school graduation that I still wear almost every day.

63. I love music! Everything from classic rock to eighties pop to classical to Christian…I even like a little country!

64. I have an almost uncanny knack for identifying thumb-suckers. There’s something about the way a person’s mouth is shaped that tells me if they sucked their thumb a lot as a child. Maybe it’s my superpower.

65. I’m pretty good at pop-culture trivia…especially music, TV and movies.

66. I’m jealous of all the gals who went to BlogHer, but feel like I would never be part of the “cool club” that is expected to show up!

67. I wish I could get a job daydreaming…I think I’d be really great at it.

68. I have been married for 6 years, and have had at least 6 different bedding ensembles. I’m currently shopping for another set…

69. Shows that I record on my DV-R: American Gladiators, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, House, Top Chef, Shear Genius, The Office, My Name is Earl, Pushing Daisies, Heroes, What Not to Wear, Good Eats, The Soup, House Hunters, My Boys and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

70. It drives me crazy when people say “supposobly.”


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