Sesame Crusted Tuna

For my first real post, I thought I’d simply chat about what we ate for dinner tonight.  It was so yummy, and it was really easy to prepare!

We got this beautiful bit of yellowfin tuna at Merindorf Meats in Williamston, MI last week. 

We have some wonderful friends who live in Williamston, and we got away for a few days to visit with them.  Williamston is a really great little town, and we enjoyed our time there – mostly because our friends are so amazing! Second on our list of favorite things in Williamston though would be Merindorf Meats.  Matt loved this place!  We saw this bright red tuna from across the room, and I immediately knew I needed to take it home.  This is just over a pound, and we split it between us.

I cut the piece in two, and pressed black and white sesame seeds around all sides.  I had both types of seed, and I really like the look of both colors.  You can obviously use one or the other.  I don’t think it affected the flavor much, if at all.

I seared the tuna in some extra virgin olive oil on medium-high heat for a few minutes on each side.

Meanwhile, I made a red curry sauce with these ingredients:

I know most people don’t have these on hand.  They’re easy to find in your international aisle at the supermarket though.  I firmly believe everyone needs to keep this red curry paste on hand at all times.  It’s too good!

I came up with the sauce based on a recipe on the side of the curry paste jar.  I doubt it’s traditional curry sauce, but it’s yummy all the same!

(In case you're wondering, I'm wearing Zoya Lillith on my nails. You're welcome.)

The sauce looked like this in the pan.  (If I had more paste, I would have put it in.  I was low though, so this is what I got.  The jar calls for 1-2 Tablespoons, and I only got 1.)

And here is my finished product.  I made the rice in a microwave rice cooker.  I am admittedly very bad at making rice at this point in my life.  It’s just easier to be a cheater and do it in the microwave! It’s still not perfect, but it’s doable.

I got distracted in the kitchen, and cooked the tuna longer than I wanted to.  When I make this again (and I definitely will!), I’ll make sure to only sear it for a couple minutes on each side, leaving a nice, red middle.  I love tuna that way.  (Pink tuna freaks out my aunt Gayle, but TRUST ME – it’s safe to eat, and MUCH more delicious this way!)  I added some scallions and squeezed fresh limes over the top to finish the dish.  I love scallions, and the limes added a zingy freshness to it all.  Limes are like my BFF in the kitchen.

This was so good!  If you see good tuna like this, buy it on the spot and try this recipe!  Oh, and call me so I can get some too!


9 thoughts on “Sesame Crusted Tuna

  1. YUM-my looking and sounding too. How can I get my husband to try it? (he doesn’t like curry-anything)
    Can’t wait for your next installment!

  2. I found it! It really looks good and interesting. Although I have never tried a curry anything. I love fish. How did you find fresh tuna around here?

    • I got this Yellowfin Tuna in Williamston, MI last week. I keep trying to find something like it here, and haven’t had luck yet. I’m trying The Fresh Market next. There’s one in Carmel and one in Broad Ripple. Worth the trip!

  3. Oh, and as far as rice, Uncle Ben’s has rice in packets that you warm up in the microwave. Really good and a lot of varieties.

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