Restaurant Review: Square Donuts

Since moving to the Western part of Indiana a couple years ago, Matt and I have heard about Square Donuts time and again.  There are apparently a couple joints in Terre Haute, and these have been said to be the “best donuts ever.”  We have meant to try them for a while, but finally someone just gave me one!  I love it when co-workers bring treats to the office!

What I had was one glazed yeast donut.  Isn’t this funny looking?  I love the square shape!  It obviously doesn’t change the taste, but it was fun anyway.  The donut was soft and fresh, and the glaze was thick enough to be noticeable, but thin enough to stay on when I bit into the donut.  I hate when big flakes of icing break off.  This was a great donut – better than Krispy Kreme by far!  (Don’t get me started on Krispy Kreme.  The mere fact that they spell “Krispy Kreme” with K’s instead of C’s annoys me enough that I really don’t want to eat their donuts.) These donuts were nice and thick too.  Here’s a picture of my donut after my first bite:

Having grown up in Indianapolis though, I am a lover of donuts from Long’s Bakery.  I’m not a big donut eater, but I LOVE Long’s! Their donuts are a bit chewier than Square Donuts – definitely a more substantial bite.

If you’re in Indy, go to Long’s.  If you’re closer to Indy than Terre Haute, go to Long’s!  If you’re in Terre Haute, and Long’s is just too far, Square Donuts is a decent donut to settle on.

(Sorry for the bad pictures.  I don’t have my camera on me today, so these were taken with my crappy Blackberry.)

Katie’s Rating: 3 out of 5


2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Square Donuts

    • Yes, I did. John came in with donuts just for me and Judi though, so I couldn’t let him down. PLUS – I knew a blog review was needed! I did it for the blog! No sodas for me today…

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