>9 Weeks

>Technically, tomorrow I’m rolling over to 10 weeks, so I’m a little late posting this.  Sorry!  I haven’t had much time at my computer this week (other than work – which is CRAZY right now).  Here we go!

1. How am I feeling this week?
At 9 weeks, I am starting to feel the nausea and exhaustion subside just a little bit.  Still fairly tired and unmotivated most of the time, but I have had spurts of productivity this week!  Not sure that the state of my house reflects that very well, but I’m trying.  I’m feeling fatter this week.  I feel like my belly is starting to stick out a bit more, but I guess I could just be bloated or something.  Wearing regular pants is really starting to be a chore.  I DREAD having to button those things!  Don’t ask me to lift my shirt – I’m probably unbuttoned when you see me!

2. What is new this week?

New this week…Well – I am sleeping a bit better this week.  I spend an ungodly amount of money on a Boppy total body pillow.  It helps to have a pillow between my knees, and regular pillows just kept slipping off the bed in the middle of the night.  I think it has helped, although I’m not sure Buster likes it too much.  He’s trying to find new ways to snuggle when we sleep, and so far he hasn’t found a spot that he’s happy with.  Matt says he doesn’t mind the monster pillow, but maybe he’s just being nice!

3. What am I excited about this week?

Names! We’ve been talking names a lot.  We’ve pretty much settled on a boys name, but we’re still thinking about one for a girl.  We can’t seem to totally agree on that!  I’m sure we’ll let you know what names we choose at some point.  Just not today!  We had names picked out when we were pregnant in 2009, so it seemed obvious to just use those names.  The sad thing is that I feel like those names were for that baby.  When I say them now, I just don’t feel like they fit anymore.  I know that’s weird.  It’s hard to name a baby that we’re still not sure will ever be born, but I imagine that most parents start thinking of names early on.  Am I right about that???  

4. What am I nervous about this week?
I think I’ll be anxious about a possible miscarriage for a long time.  You just never know.  Things are so promising right now because I’m feeling lots of symptoms of a healthy pregnancy (nausea, exhaustion, back pain, breast pain, weight gain, etc.), AND I haven’t had any spotting or bleeding like I had in both of the other pregnancies.  I just know that anything can happen though, and we really don’t know what’s going on in my body right now.  We’re trusting that our little baby is growing and thriving, but the “what-ifs” never really go away.  

Also, I’m kind of nervous about how our life is going to change with a baby in the house.  This is definitely something we want, but the changes are going to be scary all the same!  We have been married 8.5 years, and have become comfortable in our “just us” life.  Suddenly we’ll have to go to a fairly regimented schedule as far as bedtimes,  meals, cleaning, etc. goes.  We seem to be exactly opposite of that right now!  We go to bed whenever, get up whenever (unless we have work), eat when we feel hungry (could be 6:00, could be 9:00!), etc.  I’m not the best housekeeper either, so thinking of how I’m going to have to improve myself that way is daunting too.  We will do what is best for our new family, but it’s going to be a huge shift around here.  

One more thing I’m nervous about is my health.  I’m really overweight, and have fears about the complications that may (probably will) bring to the table.  In my head I know I need to be eating better and getting some exercise, but right now I can hardly stay awake through the work day!  My nausea and cravings have me wanting to eat things like popcorn and sprite and I really don’t have much interest in salads right now.  I’m hoping this doesn’t last long.  I did get on the treadmill yesterday morning for just a little bit.  I cut it short though because some serious hunger pains took over.  Next time I’ll remember to eat breakfast before I try to do that again!  

5. What am I craving or having aversions to this week?
This is a question my friend Courtney suggested I add to my weekly posts, and I quickly agreed!  From the beginning of the pregnancy until now I have been craving hot dogs and corn dogs.  It’s so weird, I know.  I’m a foodie for crying out loud!  These are horrible things to eat!  I can’t help it though.  They are SO GOOD.  I’m starting to crave cherry slushies (also, really not good for me).  They feel so good on my upset tummy!  Pizza is almost always a good idea for me, but that’s true even when I’m not pregnant.  And I just discovered something that’s becoming a craving: Chip’ins by Popcorn, Indiana.  They’re popcorn chips, and they’re AWESOME.  Only three ingredients: popcorn, sunflower oil and sea salt.  This makes me so happy!  Plus, they are naturally low in fat (only 2.5 grams per serving).  They seem to fulfill the cravings I’ve been having for salty things without making me feel like I’ve eaten anything really heavy.  You can get them at Walgreens, Walmart and Whole Foods I hear, although I have only been to Walgreens for them.  Go buy them.  Make them the most popular item in the store, so more places will carry them!  

Aversions?  I have really NOT wanted salad lately.  Something about the lettuce or whatever – I don’t know.  I just sound AWFUL right now.  So weird too, because I usually LOVE salad.  Also, steak hasn’t sounded all that great, or any big cuts of meat for that matter.  I like ground beef or shredded chicken, but to think about eating a whole steak or whole chicken breast just makes me a little blah.  My appetite really seems to change by the minute though, so tomorrow I may be wanting steak for every meal!  

So that’s that. Me at 9 weeks.  I’ll be putting up a 10 week post in the next couple days.  Thanks for praying for us!!!


1 thought on “>9 Weeks

  1. >Hey sweetie! I am so happy for you and Matt. I am also praying for your health and pregnancy. As for the schedule… don't worry too much about it – You will fall into a routine – but don't get too regimented — when a schedule is needed you will make it work. My kids always had a loose schedule — and it worked well for us.I don't think they are too messed up — at least not from the lack of schedule….

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