Los Toros – Brownsburg, IN

I realize it’s been a long time since I did a food post.  I have a few that I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but I just haven’t made the time.  This one just can’t wait though.  I have no pictures. In fact, I am simply going to paste the review I wrote for Urban Spoon.  Read below, and you’ll understand why I’m less than enthused…


My husband and I went to Los Toros with my sister, her husband and their two kids (4 and almost 1).  We were sat right away at 5:50.  There were diners at a few other tables, but it was not busy at all.  There were plenty of employees around.  We were given chips and salsa right away (which were very tasty – thumbs up for that), but no one came by our table to get our drink orders for almost 15 minutes.  He came to the table, didn’t greet us at all, just said, “Drinks?” and nodded at each of us to ask what we wanted.  He totally skipped one of us, so we had to practically shout to get him to turn around to give him the last drink order. When he turned, he looked so mad, I thought he was going to spit at us! I asked for water to drink with a lime wedge. He insisted that they didn’t have limes – just lemons.  I looked at him and said, “Really? No limes?” and he insisted again – just lemons.  Funny – we saw at least 3 people around us drinking margaritas with lime wedges perched on top of their glasses.  I accepted the lemon – I love limes, but let’s not get in a fight, okay?

We had our drinks and it took this waiter a good 15 more minutes to come back and get our food order.  There were two other tables near us now who had the same waiter, and we were all waiting for him to come get our food order.  By the time he actually came to ask us what we wanted, the kids at our table were getting restless and noisy.  Perfect.

He came to get the order, and I asked for a fajita quesadilla.  This is on the menu with beef or chicken as the meat options.  I asked kindly if I could have shrimp instead. (I have requested this substitution at nearly every Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been to, and have always been allowed with a small upcharge.) He stared blankly and said, “No. Beef or chicken.” I said, “You don’t have shrimp?” “No – just beef or chicken.” I call bull – there was an entire section of the menu dedicated to shrimp items! Okay fine – I changed my order to the chicken chimichanga (which was overfried).

The food was brought out in a decent amount of time (thankfully by a different server), and it was hot and mostly tasty when we got it.  The baby was really starting to get antsy though, so we were stuffing our faces to get out of there before he had a major meltdown. It took FOREVER to get a couple boxes and then FOREVER again to get our check.  I’m sorry – we didn’t tip.  We were FURIOUS.  I have never stiffed someone in my entire life.  I waited tables for a long time, and I know how hard this job is, but the horrible service we got was inexcusable.  We left the restaurant at 7:30 – after 1 hour and 40 minutes of frustration.  I will NEVER return to Los Toros.  NEVER.

Now – if you decide you want to go anyway, I will tell you what was good about our visit.  The restaurant was clean and the chairs were fairly comfortable.  The chips were warm and the salsa was delicious.  They were the best part of the meal!  Refried beans are usually a throwaway on my plate, but these were fairly decent also.  I was a little surprised by that.  The portions were a good size as well.

Still – good chips or no – I will not be going back.  There are plenty of other Mexican restaurants to choose from!


Perhaps this is a bit harsh – but that’s how furious I was about the service we received last night.  Restaurants need to realize that the quality of their food isn’t all that matters.  Good service goes a VERY long way.  I will choose a restaurant with mediocre food and great service over a restaurant with great food and bad service any day.


1 thought on “Los Toros – Brownsburg, IN

  1. Sometimes it just takes one bad time to ruin the restaurant for you completely — I totally get that! I’d be furious too. I’m kinda mad for you over this one!

    We used to like to go to Ted’s Montana Grill in Old Town, Alexandria — lunch, dinner, whatever. Great burgers and it was close to my old office and near the movie theatre. Perfect. Then, one time I went there with a group of friends for lunch after a morning movie. I ordered a sweet Iced Tea (theirs are SO good). When I got my drink, there was a spoon in it, which I thought was odd and usually means, at the very least, that it is unsweetened tea and will need the spoon for stirring. Sure enough, I took a sip and it was unsweetened. Great, they got my order wrong. But then. I looked closer at the spoon…and there was MAYONAISE on it! The server gave me the wrong drink…in a dirty glass…and I drank from it! Needless to say, I told the waiter, ate about two bites of my food, and vowed to never return. If I hadn’t been with a group of people, I totally would have been reading the manager the riot act.

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